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Anhui Jin Hong Sheng Electric appliance co., Ltd., as one of subsidiaries of guangdong GoSun group. It is a research and development, production, sales, service as one of the indoor household air conditioner, portable air conditioner, air purifier and dehumidifier professional manufacturers, products are mainly applied to the family of indoor air environment regulation, with cool, warm, in addition to moisture, air purification and so on many functions.


Jin Hong Sheng Electrical co., Ltd. in anhui factory in eastern China are obvious largest production base of air conditioning, project investment of 680 million yuan, covers an area of 300 mu, planning construction area of 182000 square meters, the annual output up to 600000 sets of 400000 sets of various types of air conditioning and air dehumidifier. Realizing the output are reaching to value of 2 billion yuan.The company is located in the economic development zone of huaibei city.


We, Anhui JHS , use of sophisticated production technology, integrated the exchange department, molding department, electronic devices, electrical department, painting department, assembly of finished products and finished products which are reaching for 6 each movement of the production departments. Its division of labor is more detailed, with advanced equipment, superb production mode, providing customers with high quality manufacturing services.


Adhering to the principle of quality first, customer satisfaction and continuous development, JHS has developed rapidly in the past few years. At present, the product has been sold to more than 50 countries and regions, and it is believed that Jin Hong Sheng is going to be a leading company in the development of air conditioning industry.

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